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Our proprietary solution set delivers cost savings in an easy-to-use format that offers flexibility and platform independence, eliminating costly infrastructure changes. This scalability creates the technical linkage vital to trade corridors and supplier-buyer relationships by providing connectivity between business and governments through enhanced visibility, speed, and accuracy.

  • Real-time global information access across borders and trading partners
  • Reduction of deliver times and inventory and obsolescence costs
  • Acceleration of the cash-to-cash cycle
  • Increased forecasting, ordering, schedule, and inventory visibility
  • Increased systemic and procedural predictability through the  integration and automation of data and document exchange
  • Access to new business opportunities leading to increased market penetration in national and international markets
  • Maximization of the throughput of goods at border crossings with minimal delays through reduced control duplication
  • Improved border security by more ethical and transparent border crossings and reductions in illegal trade