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Supply Chain Center of Regional Excellence (SCcORE)

Solutions for Competitiveness

Benchmarking and sharing the world's best practices of supply chain business processes is the best way to improve performance in today's environment of complex network systems!  The SCcORE Centers of Excellence were founded to ensure the availability of this information to regional business communities.

  • An association among educational institutions offering academic support to supply chain professionals, growing businesses, and SMEs.
  • Partners with prominent universities to channel their core competences into a comprehensive SCM program.
  • Adapts proficiency in the global supply chain standards to the needs of the local businesses.
  • Supported by world-renowned experts in the field of SCM.
  • Provides key partnerships and competitive advantage for organizations from the public and private sector.
  • Directly supports regional efforts to attract Foreign Direct Investment by providing to local big companies and SMEs the required infrastructure to enable rapid development of capabilities.