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ICLogistics’ Consulting Team is a focused group of people who has the ability to guide, grow, and cultivate your venture into the realm of e-business and understand what is necessary to deliver value to all of the customers in a supply chain. ICLogistics’ Consulting Services takes a unique bottom-up “Supplier-Centric” approach to the problem of supply chain integration, strategic planning, and information connectivity.  This “upside- down” point of view produces innovative solutions for functional collaboration that are leveraged off of existing, known ways of conducting business. The result is a model that will significantly enhance the supplier’s desire to opt in to the integration solution. 

Agricultural Value Chain Assessment and Development

Agribusiness is defined by thin profit margins and the need to supply quality on a year round basis. Our team of experts has the ability to strengthen you agricultural value chains from the farm to the table by providing critical analysis of transportation, storage, and processing. In addition, ICLogistics can give you the information necessary to create positive impact from vertical and horizontal integration of your value chains.

Analytical and Data Management Services

Often, the difference between failure and success is measured by the ability to route key business data for impact oriented results. ICLogistics provides the tools and training to allow you and your employees to leverage data into knowledge. Key to this process is putting need to know information in the hands of those who need to know in formats that enable them to perform the critical task at hand.

Competitive Benchmarking

Benchmarking internal processes and external factors against competitors and across industries is crucial to continued success and sustained profit margins. ICLogistics provides the tools and know how to help you measure for success.

Defense Solutions

Protecting citizens, troops, and materials are vital to national security interests. ICLogistitics offers integrated solutions that couple RFID/AIDC/GPS integration for unprecedented visibility with real-time access to information through data and document exchange that meet the cross-cutting needs of the defense industry. These abilities allow for networked solutions that optimize logistics operations, compress response times, improving service while reducing investment in inventory, and deliver capability to the battlefield.

Environmental Trends & Opportunities in Reverse/Returns Channel Logistics

To satisfy your contentious customers, environmental responsibility is a must that also returns value in the form of sustainable business. ICLogistics can help your firm identify environmental opportunities that enhance profits by leveraging returns channels and waste management that allows you to reduce the need of often expensive virgin materials

Financial and International Market Analysis & Penetration

Today’s business world is defined by the need to open new markets and create value streams. ICLogistics has representatives around the world with the experience and understanding of emerging markets from Asia to Europe and all points between.

Global Trade Facilitation

Optimizing business processes using Internet technologies is crucial to 21st Century success. Adhering to the global standards sought by UN Recommendation 33, WB, WTO, and WCO, ICLogistics’ solutions integrate AIDC/GPS/RFID technologies with the added flexibility of combining data elements with electronic trade documents that can be entered and distributed in multiple languages. Let us help you build your Single Window infrastructure.

ICT - Based Supply Chain Development and Maintenance

Our representatives have the experience and knowledge to help you construct, integrate, or upgrade your supply chains to handle the rigors and capture the opportunities possible in the 21st Century economy. ICLogistics’ services and products will help your business create a streamlined value chain from distributors and manufacturers to the end customer.

Process and Change Management

Continued innovation is the lifeblood of a successful company, no matter the size. Companies must be able to not only identify the opportunities and pitfalls inherent in today’s economy but also have the flexibility to change course to meet customer demand. ICLogistics is standing by to give your business the tools to effectively manage new processes and an evolving business environment.

Strategic Planning and Recruitment

Quality management often hinges on having an effective plan and a supporting cast that can transform that plan into action. With over 300 years of experience, ICLogistics and its representatives understand this concept and have an eye for the type of personnel needed to add value to your company. Let us help you identify the plan and people that will make your business ventures productive.

Web-Based Data & Document Exchange

Leveraging the revolutionary way that the internet has changed business functioning, ICLogistics provides services to help your firm or agency create a state-of-the-art data and document exchange system that is scalable across partners, links to existing ERP systems, and secure across users types. This capability delivers significant cost savings, international reach, and an unprecedented level of access to critical supply chain information.